Pup Seeks ‘Heart Medicine’ From Unlikely Sources To Cradle Her Fragile Soul

Three years ago, a special dog named Shrimp was found as a stray, severely underweight and in desperate need of a loving home. Her affectionate nature led her new mom, Jen, to believe that Shrimp must have come from a home at some point. Today, Shrimp is a happy and healthy dog, living with her adoptive family in Los Angeles, where she shares her home with a mini-zoo of unlikely animal friends. Jen and her husband adopted Shrimp from a rescue called Wags and Walks in Los Angeles. Upon bringing her home, Shrimp quickly adapted to her new environment and family members, which included a bearded dragon named Fred Savage, an 11-year-old dog named Wilbur, and a 5-year-old guinea pig named Fat Lou.


Fred Savage, the quiet and gentlemanly bearded dragon, loves to hop on Shrimp’s warm back for a ride, which Shrimp seems to enjoy as well. This adorable duo has formed an unlikely bond, with Fred Savage often being referred to as the “brains behind the operation” for the whole family.

Wilbur, the older dog, has become Shrimp’s “man,” according to Jen. Although he didn’t necessarily ask for the title, Shrimp adores him, often showering him with kisses and affection. The most surprising friendship, however, is between Shrimp and Fat Lou, the rescued guinea pig. Shrimp seems to view Fat Lou as an equal, believing they are the same size and just a couple of pals hanging out and playing together. Jen always keeps an eye on the pair but notes that Fat Lou is far from afraid of Shrimp.


Shrimp’s unique physical appearance, with a large head and an exaggerated lip that protrudes from her face, has earned her the nickname “Moose” from time to time. With her 93-pound frame, Shrimp has the presence of a gentle giant. Visitors to Jen’s home are often met with a warm welcome from the animal family, with Wilbur demanding attention and Shrimp eagerly waiting to climb onto their laps and shower them with affection. Guests are also treated to the sight of the entire family enjoying their daily “salad time,” where all the animals share veggies together.

It’s truly a heartwarming sight to see these unique animals with different personalities getting along so well and building a life together that just makes sense. Jen admits that she was initially nervous about providing enough space and the right kind of life for Shrimp, but now she can’t imagine her life any other way.


Shrimp has a particularly sweet and bubbly personality, often mimicking Jen’s actions, such as wanting makeup applied to her face. But ultimately, she is a daddy’s girl, with Jen’s husband being her favorite person in the house.

This touching story of Shrimp and her unlikely animal family is a beautiful reminder of the bonds that can form between different species and the love and happiness that rescue animals can bring to a home.

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