MilliporeSigma and ACD/Labs in collaboration for ChemTwins platform

MilliporeSigma’s first release version of its digital reference material (dRM) ChemisTwin provides scientists in quality control labs with an automated structure verification tool by NMR.  NMR is an abbreviation for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. An NMR instrument allows the molecular structure of a material to be analyzed by observing and measuring the interaction of nuclear spins when placed in a powerful magnetic field.

“With increasing demand for digital solutions in life sciences, we’re proud to provide enabling technologies for MilliporeSigma’s digital reference material ChemisTwin platform,” said Andrew Anderson, vice president of informatics and innovation strategy at ACD/Labs.

“Our partnership will empower scientists with a digital means for effective and robust structure verification.”

The tool combines ACD/Labs’ automated structure verification and prediction capabilities with Millipore Sigma’s expertise in reference materials manufacturing.

Coralie Leonard is ChemisTwin project lead and digital business model developer, analytical chemistry at MilliporeSigma.

“Our purpose is to shape the future of analytical testing, to make research and quality control in laboratories more efficient and sustainable. The launch of the ChemisTwin platform is a breakthrough innovation in our journey toward this objective, ultimately impacting life and health with science.

“We have chosen to partner with ACD/Labs not only for their strong expertise in NMR spectral prediction and comparison but also because they share our vision and passion to be a driver of industry change.”

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