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U.Today – is currently holding above the crucial 200-day EMA, a level that has morphed into a dynamic support line. This pivotal line, sitting approximately at $0.55, is now the battleground where XRP’s short-term destiny is being contested.

In recent days, XRP’s price action has been characterized by its struggle to overcome a series of local resistance levels. A notable rejection was faced around the $0.63 mark, which has added to the narrative of an asset under pressure. Despite these rejections, the asset’s ability to stay afloat above the 200-day EMA suggests underlying strength and potential for growth.

XRP/USDT Chart by TradingViewThe market’s oppressiveness toward XRP can be attributed to various factors, including lack of usecase for XRP and a poor performance throughout the 2023. However, the past has shown that XRP can swiftly shift from oppressed states to strong bullish rallies, often catching many off-guard.

For a scenario where XRP’s growth continues, it is essential for the token to maintain its stand above the 200-day EMA. If this level holds, it can serve as a springboard for future bullish attempts. A decisive close above this moving average could stimulate investor confidence, potentially leading to a challenge of the recent resistance at $0.63. A break and hold above this level could signal a trend reversal and may pave the way for XRP to target higher resistances, possibly around the $0.70 to $0.75 regions.

is back in uptrend

Solana is showing signs of entering an uptrend once more. The recent price chart reveals a pattern of resilience, with Solana forming a higher low that indicates a potential shift in market sentiment.

After dipping to a support level around $88 on December 20, 2023, Solana has rebounded, forming a higher low near the $90 mark. This movement suggests accumulating strength and a possible change in direction from the previous downward trend. The local trendline resistance, which Solana is currently testing, is evident at approximately $97.50.

Two pivotal price levels stand out on Solana’s chart. The first resistance level after the trendline sits near the $100 psychological mark. This round number has historically been a challenging point for Solana to breach decisively. Beyond that, the $104 level looms as the next significant barrier, which was a previous local high around January 3, 2024.

Conversely, on the support side, the level to watch is around $88, as mentioned earlier. This price has proven to be a firm foundation, with buyers stepping in to uphold Solana’s valuation. A secondary support level is present near $85, just below the 50-day moving average, acting as a safety net for any potential retracements.

‘s dominance prevails

Ethereum swiftly cuts through resistance levels with a bullish fervor that has not been seen in recent times. After a spirited 8.8% pump, Ethereum has confidently surpassed the $2,500 and $2,600 milestones, setting its sights firmly on the next major resistance level at $3,000.

The rapid growth witnessed in the past few days has been nothing short of impressive. Ethereum, which lingered around the $2,400 mark in the early days of February, has seen a significant influx of buying pressure, leading to a breakthrough past key resistance levels. This positive price action posits two potential scenarios for the smart contract giant.

In one scenario, Ethereum could continue its aggressive push, riding the wave of current market optimism towards the $3,000 target. If this momentum is maintained, and with the additional fuel from the recent high volume of trades, ETH could test $3,000 in the coming days. A consolidation above $2,600 would be crucial for this scenario to unfold, as it would establish a new support level, reinforcing investor confidence.

Alternatively, given the volatile nature of the crypto markets, a retracement could occur before Ethereum reaches $3,000. This would likely see the asset retesting support at the $2,500 level, which if held, could serve as a springboard for a second wave towards and beyond $3,000.

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