Will we ever see ‘Adult-Only’ Flights?

This article will explore the discussion around the possibility of ‘adult-only’ flights, and what that may mean for the industry.

Adult-Only Flights

Photo Credit: Marvin Mutz, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Experts suggest that opportunities within the entire travel and hospitality distribution ecosystem can accommodate for ‘adult-only’ flights. The recent announcement of Dutch carrier Corendon Airlines introducing ‘adult-only’ sections on its flights has captured global attention.

This move, catering to passengers’ long-standing demand for such a service, is specifically implemented on the Amsterdam to Curaçao route, creating a dedicated space at the front of the plane for passengers aged 16 and above to enjoy a “peaceful and quiet” experience. Corendon anticipates an enhanced travel experience for both passengers with and without children on these services.

Henry Harteveldt from Atmosphere Research Group states, “Do you have enough customers to make this endeavor worthwhile? Is this profitable? Will this favorably distinguish your brand? Will you be able to sell and service this through all the channels you sell through – including travel agencies, if you use them? If the answers are favorable, a robust and comprehensive marketing strategy – and budget – will be critical.”

“Relying just on search engine optimization and search and social media marketing to create awareness and generate interest won’t be adequate. You’ll need an integrated marketing campaign that encompasses PR, advertising in relevant media, targeted email, promotional activity – and, yes, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing.”

Janis Dzenis from WayAway says, “Travel providers and intermediaries need to think carefully about how they would sell and market this new service. Currently, adult-only flights aren’t a typical search term for consumers – many wouldn’t know this is now a real option.”

“A PR or marketing campaign would be needed, alongside new technology that can help adult-only flights appear in the booking flow. OTAs and metasearch companies should consider adding a filter for this emerging service, and consider guiding people to it on their websites, as it’s not something people will naturally know they can search for.”

Gareth Matthews from Didatravel adds, “This could be a great opportunity to sell the ultimate adult-only package holiday, for example. Hotels have already mastered the adult-only concept and many have highly successful business models, plus loyal customers and strong distribution networks. Now, the ability to package this with a matching adult-only flight could be a win-win-win for travellers, distributors and suppliers.”

Haluk Kayhan, CEO at PrimeTravel, also says, “For retail travel agents sat their facing the client in person or selling over the phone this represents a unique opportunity to add value and personalize a trip – they can judge whether or not a traveller is likely to be interested in an adult only cabin experience in a way that an online seller can’t do in the same way.”

“So we’d recommend that airlines considering this explore the retail sales channel route above others. The prospect of adult-only flights therefore presents an exciting opportunity for both travellers seeking a serene journey and for the industry too.”

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