Transavia France to launch direct Marseille-Stockholm route

Transavia France is to expand at Stockholm Arlanda Airport by launching a new direct route to Marseille. This will further establish the French low-cost carrier’s presence at Stockholm Arlanda and meet the increased demand for direct routes to the French riviera. 

The new route will be served twice a week, starting on 6 June 2024.

Marseille: History Meets Riviera’s Charm

The planned network addition not only reinforces the French low-cost carrier’s footprint at Stockholm Arlanda, but also caters to the escalating demand for connections to the picturesque French Riviera.

Marseille, the second largest city in France, beckons with its allure of stunning beaches, a tapestry of rich history, and a vibrant cultural scene.

The city stands as a testament to the fusion of the old and the new, where ancient landmarks coexist harmoniously with modern influences.

Photo: Transavia Air Boeing 737 PH-XRI. Photo Credit: AviationSource/ Arash Abed
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A Hub of Trade and Commerce

Beyond its reputation as a leisure destination, Marseille is a pivotal center for trade in the region and proudly holds the title of France’s main commercial port.

This strategic location not only enhances the city’s economic significance but also makes it a hub for international business.

Transavia’s commitment to connecting Stockholm Arlanda to Marseille serves not only the leisure traveler but also the business community, fostering greater connectivity in both realms.

Swedish Air Travel: Present Confidence

Elizabeth Axtelius, Director Aviation Business at Swedavia, highlights the substantial confidence in the Swedish air travel market.

The addition of a new direct route to Marseille signifies Transavia’s commitment to meeting the ever-growing demand for French connections.

Axtelius asserts, “France is always in high demand, and Transavia plays a significant role in connecting Sweden to well-established markets in the southern parts.”

Swedavia’s overarching goal is clear – to increase connectivity and facilitate seamless travel experiences for people from all walks of life.

Whether it’s for business, leisure, or reconnecting with family and friends, the expansion of low-cost offerings ensures a plethora of travel possibilities.

Axtelius emphasizes, “Our main goal is to increase connectivity and facilitate for people to meet.”

Nicolas Henin, Deputy General Director of Sales and Marketing at Transavia France, echoes the sentiment of expanding horizons in 2024.

“By further expanding our low-cost offer in 2024, we are determined to offer ever more travel possibilities to our customers,” he states.

Henin envisions a scenario where travelers are spoiled for choice, enabling them to join family and friends or embark on vacations to both popular and lesser-known destinations.

Transavia France, the low-cost airline of the Air France-KLM group, operates nearly 200 airline routes from France (Orly, Nantes, Lyon and Montpellier), the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven) and Belgium (Brussels) to France, Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

In 2022, Transavia France transported nearly 10.7 million passengers and it’s the leading low-cost airline from Paris (Beauvais, Roissy, Orly).

With more than 2,300 employees in France, Transavia places the quality of its services, the proximity of its crews and innovation at the heart of its commitments.

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