OLA S1 Air delivery to begin soon: How OLA’s newest electric scooter compares to Ather 450X and OLA S1 Pro?

OLA has expanded its EV scooter portfolio with the launch of the new OLA S1 Air. Building upon the momentum of the ever-growing EV industry in India, this scooter, designed to cater to a wide range of consumers, promises an amalgamation of impressive performance, stylish design, and cost-effectiveness. With an entry price of Rs 1,09,999, the OLA S1 Air is positioned to make a substantial impact in the electric scooter segment.

How does it compare with its sibling, the OLA S1 Pro, and its rival, the Ather 450X? Let’s find out.

OLA S1 Air performance

The OLA S1 Air packs a punch with its peak motor power of 4.5 kW. While the specific acceleration details have not been released, the power output suggests promising performance. The OLA S1 Pro has already demonstrated excellent performance metrics, providing stiff competition to the Ather 450X with its larger battery pack and motor power. While the S1 Air might not match the raw power of the S1 Pro, it remains a competent contender in its segment.

OLA S1 Air range and top speed

The OLA S1 Air offers a certified range of 125 kilometers, enough to cater to the daily commuting needs of most users. While this falls short of the S1 Pro’s impressive 181 kilometres and the Ather 450X’s 165 kilometres, the S1 Air’s range is in line with its affordable pricing bracket. With a top speed of 85 km/h, the OLA S1 Air matches the Ather 450X and only slightly lags behind the OLA S1 Pro. 

The OLA S1 Air brings other features like its generous 34L under-seat storage, a flat footbed for comfort, twin forks, digital key unlock and more. 

OLA S1 Air affordability

With its introductory price of INR 1,09,999, the OLA S1 Air is designed to be an affordable entry into the world of electric scooters. In comparison, the Ather 450X Gen 3 starts at around Rs 1,40,000 with top models costing as much as Rs 1,65,000. The OLA S1 Pro starts at Rs 1,39,999 and the standard Ola S1 comes out to be a little cheaper at Rs 1,29,999. 

Although it may not outperform its sibling, the S1 Pro, or the Ather 450X in every aspect, the OLA S1 Air’s combination of performance, design, and affordability creates a promising offering in the EV market. The S1 Air will be looking to attract more price conscious customers even as the competition in the EV scooter segment continues to heat up, with Ather Energy gearing up to release its next offering the Ather 450S. 

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