Malaysia Airlines adds in-flight content from Universiti Malaya Centre

The Malaysian national carrier, Malaysia Airlines, has taken a novel step by collaborating with the Universiti Malaya Centre for Continuing Education to introduce “Education on the Go,” a unique in-flight educational initiative.

Embracing Diversity in Education

Passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines now have the opportunity to delve into a carefully curated selection of educational content.

Universiti Malaya Centre for Continuing Education has crafted a diverse array of subjects, ranging from lifestyle courses to essential business modules.

The airline, in partnership with the university, aims to transcend conventional educational boundaries and provide passengers with a distinctive learning experience.

Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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A Shared Vision for Learning

Professor Madya Dr. Shahrul Mizan Bin Ismail, the Dean of Universiti Malaya Centre for Continuing Education, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating,

“We are thrilled to partner with Malaysia Airlines to bring Education on the Go to a wider audience. Be adaptable, flexible, and never stop learning. The rate of change will never stop and neither should you.”

This partnership underscores the commitment of the university to make education accessible anytime, anywhere.

As a trailblazer in continuing education, Universiti Malaya Centre for Continuing Education strives to empower learners with knowledge that extends beyond the conventional classroom setting.

Navigating the Learning Landscape

Passengers can seamlessly integrate learning into their travel experience by accessing the university’s “Education on the Go” content through Malaysia Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system.

This educational content is conveniently available under the Lifestyle category of the airline’s TV Show content selection.

This collaboration not only adds a new dimension to in-flight entertainment but also aligns with the airline’s commitment to providing a holistic passenger experience.

Beyond Education: A Refreshed Entertainment Palette

The introduction of “Education on the Go” is complemented by an expanded selection of in-flight entertainment options.

Malaysia Airlines now offers an increased array of Hollywood movies, engaging podcasts, and wellness programs.

This enhancement ensures that passengers not only embark on a journey of education but also enjoy a delightful and enriching experience onboard, encapsulating the essence of Malaysian hospitality.

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