Korean Air steps into virtual world with new safety video

Korean Air has recently launched a captivating inflight safety video that features virtual humans, marking a move into the virtual world for the aviation industry.

The innovative video showcases a virtual human in a Korean Air flight attendant uniform, delivering essential safety briefing instructions within a virtual setting.

The decision to integrate virtual humans into the safety video reflects Korean Air’s desire to reach a diverse customer base spanning various ages and cultural backgrounds.

The visually stunning presentation aims not only to capture passengers’ attention but also to elevate engagement levels during the crucial pre-flight safety demonstration.

Metaverse Entertainment of Netmarble F&C takes the center stage in this technological leap, introducing two distinct virtual characters: Rina, the virtual human flight attendant, and MAVE, a virtual girl group of four.

Both entities bring a touch of the metaverse to the airline industry, reshaping the conventional approach to safety presentations.

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Korean Air Safety Lounge

Transporting viewers to the “Korean Air Safety Lounge,” a meticulously designed virtual space adorned with airplane motifs, the video aims to simplify the inflight safety rules.

Rina, the virtual flight attendant, emerges as a symbol of innovation, having undergone safety training at Korean Air’s Cabin Crew Training Center and subsequently appointed as an honorary flight attendant.

Meanwhile, the members of the virtual girl group, MAVE, take on the roles of passengers diligently following safety instructions.

Release and Accessibility

Commencing January 4, Korean Air rolled out the new safety video on all its flights. Simultaneously, the airline has made the video available to a global audience through its official YouTube Channel (@koreanair), emphasizing its commitment to enhancing passenger awareness and engagement.

Beyond its technological marvel, the safety video serves as a comprehensive guide covering essential topics crucial for passengers’ safety.

Image Credits: Korean Air

From storing carry-on luggage and wearing seatbelts to understanding prohibited items and cabin smoking regulations, the video is quite comprehensive.

Additionally, it educates passengers on procedures in the case of cabin pressure abnormalities, highlights the locations of emergency exits, and provides a step-by-step guide on donning a life jacket.

Aviation and Digital Innovation

A representative from Korean Air expressed enthusiasm about this groundbreaking initiative, stating, “This will become a great example of the synergy created between the aviation industry and digital technology.”

“We intend to change perceptions of inflight safety videos with these new ideas, and make them more relatable and engaging for passengers.”

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