Job hunting? Five hottest tech jobs for freshers

Tech companies across the world, including the big ones, have had some difficult years. Data from shows that they collectively laid off more than 425,000 employees over the last two years. India was not insulated from this trend, with data showing that more than 36,000 employees in the country got the pink slip during this period.

To compound matters, the placement season—across both private and public engineering colleges—has been a trickle compared with the past.

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ET brings you the top five jobs in the tech sector by parsing through data from more than 240,000 jobs listed on online job search platform Foundit.

On the rising demand for these jobs, Sekhar Garisa, chief executive of Foundit, said, “The rising demand for these roles among freshers stems from the blending of industry needs, shifting market dynamics, and the unique skill sets and fresh perspectives they offer.”

He said, “In the tech sector, the continuous evolution calls for freshers proficient in updated skills like coding, UI/UX, and data analysis. Their expertise fills critical skill gaps within organisations. Additionally, the growing reliance on data-driven decision-making in diverse industries fuels the demand for freshers skilled in analytics.”

The compensation trend reflects the strategic importance of these roles, with salaries ranging between Rs 2.32 lakh and Rs 20.12 lakh per annum. “Companies are actively seeking entry-level candidates who bring valuable skills and often require less compensation compared to seasoned professionals,” Garisa said. Surprisingly, the last two entries on the list make up more than half of all the jobs listed.

QA Analyst/Tester

In fields such as software quality assurance, analysts or testers hash out and implement testing plans, create test cases and test scripts and eventually document their findings.

Reason: With umpteen products and apps set to hit the market, the job will be in demand because analysts and testers ensure that the final product meets client expectations and is error-free in terms of software.

Compensation: Rs 3.23-8.35 lakh per annum

SEO Executive

Tasked with improving website visibility and authority by conducting on and off-page optimisation, including link-building, these hawks monitor website performance. They use SEO tools and analytics platforms (such as Google Analytics) to track key metrics, thereby identifying areas of improvement.

Reason: As businesses ramp up their spending on generating sales through organic channels, experts believe fresher SEO executives could be in high demand.

Compensation: Rs 2.32-7.82 lakh per annum

Full-Stack Developer

A jack-of-all developer or engineer who can build both the front (elements of a website a user sees and interacts with) and backend (the unseen data storage and processing) of a website.

Reason: The allure of having a two-in-one employee who is both versatile and valuable remains intact from the cost perspective heading into 2024.

Compensation: Rs 6.79-18.94 lakh per annum

UI/UX Developer

As a user interface and user experience developer, you are tasked with driving a positive and cohesive user experience by applying interactive and visual design principles on websites and web applications.

Reason: With no end to the ongoing digital transformation in sight, the demand for UI/UX developers is expected to persist and user-centricity will take centre stage as the mobile and app ecosystem continues to thrive.

Compensation: Rs 3.67-15.2 lakh per annum

Data Engineers

If making data accessible to organisations for their evaluation and optimisation of their performance gets you going, then you might be the most sought-after fresher in the tech landscape in India.

Reason: Data will remain the lifeblood of businesses moving forward, and data engineers will be key in identifying data processes and its architecture.

Compensation: Rs 4.14-20.12 lakh per annum

Job Role % Share of the total number of Openings
Average Salary Range (in rupees lakh per annum)
Data Engineers 28 4.14-20.12
UI/UX Developer 23 3.67-15.2
Full Stack Developer 18 6.79-18.94
SEO Executive 11 2.32-7.82
QA Analyst/Tester 8 3.23-8.35
Network Engineer 5 3.72-10.52
Others 7 Varies depending on the role

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