Jeju Air flight Seoul-Da Nang declares emergency

A Jeju Air flight operating from Seoul, South Korea to Da Nang, Vietnam has declared an amergency whilst outbound.

Jeju Air flight 7C2903, a Boeing 737-800 operating from Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Da Nang (DAD) declared an emergency with squawk code 7700.

The flight now appears to be making good a return to South Korea (ICN).

Jeju Air 7C2903 Seoul – Da Nang

Flight data shows that Jeju Air flight 7C2903 made an on-time departure out of Incheon international Airport earlier today at 21:42 local time.

The flight then set course normally for the outbound route to Vietnam; climbing to a cruising altitude of FL330 (34,000 feet), before initiating a descent.

The flight subsequently declared a general emergency with transponder code 7700 at 13:40 UTC, before executing a turnaround for return to ICN.

Return to Seoul (ICN)

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