Car crashes into parked Secret Service SUV guarding Biden’s motorcade outside Delaware campaign headquarters

A car crashed into a parked Secret Service SUV that was shielding President Biden’s motorcade in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday evening.

The incident took place shortly after 8 p.m. ET as Mr. Biden was leaving his campaign headquarters, walking toward his vehicle. The president was unharmed. 

A man driving a silver sedan crashed into a black SUV about 200 feet from where Mr. Biden was standing. Secret Service personnel surrounded the vehicle and instructed the driver to come out with his hands up. 

“There was no protective interest associated with this event and the president’s motorcade departed without incident,” Secret Service spokesperson Special Agent Steve Kopek said in a statement.

The Wilmington Police Department said in a statement it is “investigating the motor vehicle collision, which did not result in any injuries.” 

President Biden looks on after a car hit an SUV in the motorcade as he left his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware on December 17, 2023.


Video from Sunday evening showed Mr. Biden leaving his Wilmington campaign headquarters, where he and first lady Jill Biden had dinner with campaign staff. He stopped near his vehicle to answer a reporter’s question. A loud bang is heard and Mr. Biden looked around, startled, before Secret Service personnel ushered him into his waiting SUV. Four seconds passed between the sound of the crash and when the Secret Service ushered the president into the vehicle. 

The first lady was already in the vehicle at the time of the crash, The Associated Press reported.

— Kathryn Watson and Arden Farhi contributed reporting.

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